Happy Birthday Ulin!

10:36 PM

Today is Yulis's turns to adding more number in his age. Yulin's is one of college friends who really love books and movies. You will easily find him in book launching or book fair but mostly he will be in his room either reading or watching series.  But we always ask him to download movies (mostly i am) because in his office he's the one who has fast internet connection. So we visit him in Tangerang to copy some movies and series. If you want to know latest book (he prefers fiction and fantasy) you could ask him. He's like our little brother because he usually recognize as intern student in his office, but in fact he's one of the man behind Kuala Namu Airport App, cool isnt it? Visit his blog here.

Happy birthday again Yuliiiiiinnn. Wishing you have more and more books and will have this biggest library !!


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