Java Jazz 2015

8:28 AM

It was my second year to attend one of the biggest festival about jazz, Java Jazz 2015. Last year i only got a chance to saw several performance because i chose Friday. But this year, my friends and I decided will be there full day, so Saturday it is. I skipped most of Indonesian performers because the crazy queue. I dont know, the crowds seem prefer watch Artist they familiar with, which are like Tulus, Afghan, and Mocca. I went to Chris Botti, he was soo dreamy and great, Jarrod Lawson who really friendly and really good in Music and he also cute (new fans here!) and surprisingly Richard Bona had the most fun and attractive performance and music. I couldnt stop dancing while watching Richard Bona. For the last show i picked Kahitna, just because i love them since i was young. Like seriously everyone love them.

I really love the vibes when i went to Java Jazz. Because any age could enjoy the show.


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