4:06 PM

Sometimes when i scrolling down Pinterest, i always ended up in some random site which so cool. Like this one, Polyvore. I think this web is half online shop half Looklet. If you dont know what Looklet is, it is a web for creating some fashion outfit. You can pick the models, clothes, even backgrounds. It is like playing dress up but online. Unfortunately, site like Looklet now disappear. But there is site which similar with Looklet, Glamstrom. But i do prever Looklet.
Back to Polyvore, unlike Looklet that you could pick the Model, in Polyvore you only pick the outfit, without the model. Polyvore more like collages fashion pages in magazine. Some page which said "What to wear" or "Steal the style from Celeb" something like that.
I got bored at office, so i create mine :D

You could try just for fun, or maybe for planning your outfit :) Enjoy!


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