A Day in Surabaya

9:50 AM

Just getting back from long holiday and this brain still shutting down haha. I'm sure in the next couple days this brain will working as usual. Anw, i spent my last Saturday circling around my beloved city, Surabaya. There was a lot catching up to do. It's like the city itself growing in one night. There are so many new things in this city. Me and some friends went to these places, some new in town but some is already there like years a go.

Heerlijk Gelato Cafe
I just knew this place because Suci told me. I mean, i always passing it by but i never notice that the old Mpu Tantular Musem now become Gelato place. But i love how it turned out. Oldies thingy everywhere, i love the chair so much!

HOS (House Of Sampoerna)
This wasn't my first time here, but my friends wanted to visit this place so here we go. A bit disappointed with the meal, I think it was better back when i was in high school. This museum is free, everyone would love being here.
fav spot of mine
shoe selfie!
pretty mural on prison's wall
Domicile Kitchen and Lounge
I think this place become it-thing in Surabaya, because we need to wait like half an hour to get the table. The place is nice, but too crowded in saturday night. I love their pizza!
It was a fun day! But there are plenty of place i want to visit next time.

Heerlijk Gelato Cafe
Jalan Taman Mayangkara 6, Surabaya
Phone: 081235539606
Open Hours: 10am-11pm

HOS (House Of Sampoerna)
Taman Sampoerna 6, Surabaya
Open hours: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Domicile Kitchen and Lounge
Jalan Sumatera No.35, Surabaya
Phone: +62 31 5016900
Open Hours:
Sun - Fri 11:00 am - 1:00 am
Sat 11:00 am - 2:00 am


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