Happy Birthday Iena!

9:01 AM

Today is Adriena Amoretta's birthday! She's my friend since high school. We never in the same class but we close since 2nd grade. Mostly because we usually going out together and in the 3rd grade we took the same class in Neutron. And we fortunately in the same major in college and together ever since along with Helsi. She's currently working in Bandung, but in the weekend she'll come to Jakarta just for go out with us. She has amazing voice and very good at play music instruments. And she knows much about music, so sometime i ask about music this and that to her. We saw Maroon 5 concert together, and will go to WTF 2014 concert together again with Suci (yay!).


Happy birthday Ad! I wish you the best in every way and i wish we could go to Justin Timberlake concert soon. Thank you for always choosing me as your party planner (hehe). Have fun at your party next week!


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