See You Never 2016

9:23 AM

Happy new year everyone!! How did you spend your new year eve? Me? I fell asleep at 9 pm. You know, preggo mama couldnt handle constant drowsiness and tiredness. But i hope you had a blissful new year. Today is the third day on January and i'm counting weeks to labor. Like seriously we will become parent in the end of the month. I already took my maternity leave since last month, because my husband hate the idea i was alone in Jakarta, so he told me to take maternity leave early. So it's my third week almost 4th week stay in Bandung. I have no idea why Bandung become too hot like this. It feels like stay in my hometown, Surabaya. 

Preparing home and baby stuff is the main program while i'm here. 90% everything already packed in my hospital bag (again, it was my husband idea to prepare early). My family will come here in the middle of the month, because i dont want them being bored waiting when the baby is arrived. The baby still actively move around. The doctor said everything looks good so far. I already register in hospital for labor. So, now we're just waiting and try to prepare ourselves for the baby.

Hopefully this year everything become better and clearer for everyone. New job as parent looks scary but challenging also. Dont forget anything from last year, because it whats make us today. But once again, see you never 2016, welcome 2017!


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