Featured in Weddingku Magazine

4:10 PM

This is slightly embarrassing for me, our wedding was being featured on Weddingku Magazine. A little back story, after the wedding i sent few of our photos to Weddingku website and couple of weeks later i got email that they need some of information about me and the wedding and ask me to send another photos. I replied them right away and couple of days later they replied again and ask 10 more photos during the reception. Because i was busy at work and too lazy to pick photos one by one, i didnt reply their email until now (sorry). But later then, i got called from my office mailroom that someone send me package, he said it was magazines. I was puzzled, what magazine? because i never order any magazine in that time. When i open the package there were three magazines from Weddingku. I thought it must be because i gave them my address when they asked about my information. Because i didnt need wedding magazine, i ask my friends if they want the magazines. Unfortunately, we didnt have time to meet up, so the magazines still at my office desk un-open.

Last month, someone i dont know contact me through Instagram message that she wanted to ask about my wedding. She said that she saw my wedding on Weddingku magazine, and she have the same idea about wedding like mine. I was surprised because i never read any magazine which featured my wedding. I remember the Weddingku magazines which i abandoned. I start to open the magazine and search myself in it, and there was I and my husband! I was laughing so hard and immediately showed that to my office mates and i texted my husband to tell him too. It was weird to see yourself on magazine hahahaha. I didnt realize that they really featured us, that's why they sent me the magazine. Really, it takes more that 3 months before i open the magazine, really really i feel bad. Never said thank you to Weddingku for writing nicest words about our wedding. 

Thank you so much Weddingku for featured my wedding on your magazine. It was an honor being featured with some other weddings which prettier and grander than mine. My husband said it'll become evident to our children that their parent ever been on magazine.


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