I'm Married!

9:56 AM

Hello guys! I'm thrilled to announce that i'm now officially someone's wife hahaha still pretty weird when he introduce me like "oh this is my wife". Every time he said that i scrunched my lips a bit to hold the big smile. Yep, i'm that grateful and beyond happy! We had a wonderful wedding party last two weeks with family and close friends came all the way to my hometown, Surabaya.

I did everything with the help of my family. I didnt hire WO because i want to reduce wedding cost (can you believe it how much money we spent only for one day occasion?crazyyyyy). If you have big family and they are willing to help you are lucky! But if you dont want to make them exhausted with your party, you also can hire an organizer.

I only invite few people, that include family from both side and close friends only. I did get some 'negative' comment about my decision from both my parent's friends or from my family or from my own friends who didnt get invitation. But i'm so so so sorry, it was my once of a lifetime occasion and i want it to as near as my dream wedding. Intimate, warm, rustic theme and DIY off course.

Alhamdulilah i DIY-ed everything as many as i could. Invitation, souvenirs, guest book, placemat, table sign, guest book pen, wedding hanger, bridesmaid card, pengajian book, souvenir pengajian. I did those after my working hours and on the weekend. I sent it to my home so my family could help to prepare it. It was so fun doing it but also exhausted hahaha but really, the relief feeling after the guest said that they love it so much (woohooo) wash away all the drama behind it.

I got help by 3 incredible vendors for Photo and Video, Decoration and Make up. You can not do those by yourself (duh). They did the work above my expectation and i was soooo happy with the result. Look at these pics, the rustic decor and my face who looked so pretty hahaha.

I had mingle party theme which not very common in my country. I dont want just awkwardly  standing there without speaking with anyone and not eating anything because i need to stand and smile the whole night, nope not my type. My parent agree right away when i gave the idea that i want a sit down party and only invite few people. Alhamdulilaaah i have a very supportive parents and family. And thankfully my husband's family were very cooperative with my uncommon idea about reception.

Words won't adequate how i feel, the happy feeling but also scared haha. Excited but anxious also. But being married with this incredible guy, i know it'll be a fun journey to do . Tho i just knew him only a year but i know he is the one. Thank you for being so good to me all the time.

I personaly want to say thank you for the good wishes for our new little family, thank you for coming to our wedding party, thank you for our family for the helping hands, thank you for the vendor who help us to make that day more perfect, not to forget so many grateful to Allah SWT for his blessing to us and everyone.

Vendor list :
Photo and Video : CMYK Desain
MUA : Alzan Adara Make Up
Entrance & Main Stage Decoration : Red Velvet Event
Invitation, Souvenirs, Wedding Items : Leia Projects
Shoes : I Wear Up
Wedding Rings : Etsy


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  1. Bahagia dunia akhirat yaaaaa kaliaaan :) :)

    1. Aamiiin maacih helsaaay. You too 😘😘

  2. baru bacaaa. .senangnyaaa. .menginspirasi. .
    Insya Allah, kalau sudah waktunya aku, mau rekrut leiaproject dehhh, wajibb !! :*

    1. yaaay maaci caliaa, aku mau bantuin pokoknyaaa