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10:28 AM

If you ask, how's after wedding life? i will said with voice from top of my lung, IT'S GREAAT! hahaha. Nope, i didnt exaggerate it, it is really that fun, new experience you would love, trust me *wink*.

But this post isnt about my married life, it's about the place we went for honeymoon. Actually we had 2 different places for honeymoon. First, we went to Jogja. I love this city so much,  there's something about this city that ask me to come back for more. Well maybe it's because my parent loved to take me there for family vacation every other week. Surprisingly my husband love this city too. He went there for KP when he was in college, lived there for two whole months! So we decided to go there for the sake our heart for the city. It was a like my dream, strolling the city i loved, holding hands and the rain drizzle a little. I feel like inside a movie

After two night in Jogja, we went back to Bandung for another honeymoon trip. I desperately want to have camping there. The place called Legok Kondang Glamping. If you dont know what glamping is, it's from the words Glamour Camping. You will be very very comfortable staying there. Tho you live in the tent but you will feel like living inside hotel room. Each tent have a bathroom (which very clean), comfortable bed (no sleeping inside sleeping bag with backache when wake up), breakfast in the morning (bye instant noodle), 24 hours hot baverage, beautiful scenery, cool air, and because our room supposedly for 4 people, and we only 2 people they offered us free BBQ dinner (yaaayness!). 

You better have reservation first because they got full booked especially on the weekend. Mostly this place used for family gathering from office. I just knew the meaning of legok, it's like a cavity (?) surrounded by greenery and mountain. It's surrounded by vegetables garden too. You could take a walk in the morning to see around the place.

The fun part was they only have a single road to reach the place and the road very slippery and a bit uphill. It was only for one car, if you accidentally meet car from the other way, you need to go reverse. But thankfully they offer to park you car at the parking area and take you to Glamping Village with their car. But because my husband's car somehow ready for the road, they ask us to just go there by ourselves. It was fun but also scary.

Dont forget to bring lots of mineral water, because they didnt provide inside tent. They provided it outside your tent, with coffee and tea also. Dont forget bring your warm outfits, it gets really cold at night and in the morning.

The staffs are really nice and helpful, breakfast was fine too (love the kacang ijo!). If you want to have a new experience with you family or your friends, this place could be a really great choice for weekend.

Glamping Legok Kondang Lodge
Lebakmuncang, Rancabali, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Pak Marcel di 081318179889


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