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Yesterday i'm officially being a wife for a month! Though i only see my husband on the weekend. But still, we survived this long distance marriage for a month. Our weekend filled with house hunting now, how fun (put sarcasm here). I feel you the  new couple who struggle with this kinda things. Wish us luck with house matter.
Another thing i love to do with my new title as a wife is i need to cook for my husband. He isnt a picky eater so he'll eat anything in front of him. Which should be really easy right? But i'm not a great cook. My go to meal are fried rice, spaghetti, instant meal and some snacks which very very easy to make. So it was a bit challenging the first time i cook for him. He said that he's afraid that he will eat "uncooked" vegetables because when he saw me cook, i looked unprofessional hahaha. But thankfully the vegetables cooked perfectly and it taste good! So proud of my self on that day.
Lately i love watching these cooking website and video, i love how they chop the union so fast (my husband laughed so hard when i chop the union with so much drama and tears included), how their hands so perfectly making those cakes! Here's the list for you new wife, and you're welcome.

 If you wan to learn easy meal this one can guide you, especially for college buddies.

How to Cake It
 Yolanda has the gift to make ALMOST anything from cake, like seriously this brain cake, or heart cake. Go watch her Youtube channel, she's really funny.

Cook Pad
 Everyone could save their favorite recipe here. So many recipes you could try.

Taste Made
 I've been following this account on Instagram. I like how they make 15 seconds videos how to cook.

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I'm here still trying to figure out how to cook without being lazy to wash the dishes after. Good luck on your cooking skill!


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  1. Hahahaa aku awal2 seneng bgt masak sekarang kok tambah males yaahh.. hhaha mangat szaaaay :*