Brush Lettering Workshop With LivingLovingNet

5:02 PM

Hello again! First of all i would like to say Happy fasting to all Moslem in the world. Ramadhan Kareem everyone. May you're fasting will go smoothly and you always be healthy throughout this month. Thankfully Jakarta isnt too hot, in fact the rain always pouring hard in the afternoon.

Last Saturday (two weeks ago) i was join workshop held by duo behind Living Loving, Miranti and Nike. They held two workshop in Bandung which rarely because they usually held in Jakarta. The workshops are weaving session and second one is brush lettering. The weaving session was sold out so fast haha but i was more attracted to the brush lettering session with Miranti. Go check their page to find out more about classes.

Located in Parc.C Cafe and Co-working space, i love this place. It's quite and very very good place for reading or working with your laptop. The meal and beverage is not too bad, and the price was good. With the dim light and chill music accompany while you working.

Back to brush lettering, the two sessions start at once but in different area. At first, the owner of Living Loving, Miranti and Nike gave speech about Living Loving and why they held two workshop in Bandung. They said that they came to Bandung because they need to shoot two artist's house which located in Bandung for their blog. So they decided to make workshops too.
For Brush lettering, Miranti told us about the brush and ink she usually use. She teach us how to make various strokes and then we started to learn how to make the alphabet. It was so hard at first because it was my first time using brush so my hand still can not do the hard stroke. You need to relax your wrist, because it 's the main thing about brush lettering, only your wrist that need to do "dancing" with brush.

After reach Z, she told us to make simple greeting card or simple typography art. I made these two, i know one of them was kinda fail haha but still, i was proud of myself.

After finishing it Parc.C gave us yumm lunch, i tried carbonara spaghetti which really delicious. And they gave traditional drinks from Rahsa Nusantara.

Because my husband already waited me too long haha so i ask leaving early. It was a good day and experience. I will definitely join if there's another session like this.


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