End of Second Trimester

12:59 PM

How's pregnancy life?hmm.. there's always be the ups and downs now and then but thankfully everything under control (i think). Here's the glimpse about my second trimester (which people said the best trimester of all).

1. I had headache or migraine once a week on the first month of second trimester. I had major threw up that i wrote here. It was brutal. Every time the headache come, i gag vigorously like a Velociraptor sound. Anything i eat before was gone, i couldnt eat anything until the headache disappear. If i eat anything during the headache, i'll threw up even more, even if i only drink water. So, yeah not my best month. Told my Obgyn about this and she said it probably because low blood tension and lack of sugar. Like seriously, i eat sugar every time! But in my opinion, it's because my blood temperature which sometimes in the all time low.

2. A day before Ied-Adh i had drama caused by pain in the upper stomach. It was so painful, i could not sit, walk, or sleep. I tried to hold the tears but it was just too painful i couldnt even bear it. My husband tried to look calm, he gave me warm water for my stomach. He hugged me and said "Sabaaar sabaaar" while i cried my eyes out. We asked my sister-in-law who a Doctor that it was probably maag or gastritis. In the evening the pain started reducing itself after i took Promag, but couple hours later it came again but more painful than the previous one. My back felt so tense, my stomach was even more and then i threw up everything. But thankfully i felt a lot better after threw up. My husband said that after that it looks like i just passed out on bed because i just oversleep without warning. Next morning the pain was gone and we went to Obgyn in Limijati to check the baby because we really worried something happened. The Obgyn said the baby was okay, no harm. Only she said that there's a lot of gas inside me. So i need to avoid any food that contain too much gas, and try to start relax my lungs and eat in small portion but 5-6 times a day. The Obgyn gave me 2 days for rest day, Yaaaay!

3. The baby bump starts showing on the week 20 something. Finally, everyone starts to realize that i'm pregnant not just gained weight.

4. The baby starts kicking and moving around. It's funny feeling when the first time felt it. Like seriously someone growing inside me and become too active at night and after meal. But the baby seems calmer when daddy is around. Bet the baby feels safer (mommy does too).

5. We already tried 4 different hospitals and doctors. Mostly in Bandung, but still cant decided which one for labor day.

6. I can not wait anymore for shopping haul hahaha. Why they are so freakin cute!

7. We are almost agree with name for the baby. But the daddy still insist using his name instead -__-

8. I feel so gassy. It's like there's so many gas inside my stomach.

9. Does pregnancy brain exist? Cause i keep forget things and become more clumsy day by day. 

10.Be grateful for those who doesnt experience Heartburn. 

It near to the end of pregnancy they said, the third trimester. Hopefully everything going smoothly and everyone is healthy. Because the last 2 doctor visit didnt provide USG print, no pictures on this post hahaha. But here's a glimpse our future baby who really good at kicking.

Mau bilang makasih buat suami, udah baik banget nget nget selama ini. Meskipun kadang masih histeris liat istri nya ngangkat barang gede. Thank you for being so patient dan perhatian banget banget, super duper khawatir kalau saya sakit dikit. Ngga jijik pas bersihin bekas muntahan saya hahahaha (di depan rumah orang dong soalnya muntahnya). Belain bolak-balik Bdg-Jkt tiap minggu. Otomatis mijetin kaki, punggung, tangan meskipun saya nda suka dipijet karena geli. We love you Paah


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