A Hello

12:53 PM

Hi! It's been a while, yes? How are you? I hope you doin okay. I've just read so many gloomy stories and listen too many gloomy songs today, well mostly i would blame it because of the weather. Jakarta's weather is crazy. So bright at noon and then suddenly a storm appears from the corner of the sky. Never forget to bring umbrella and take your vitamin. It helps a lot. 
Yesterday i had major throw up, it was the worst headache i've ever been on. It was like my head being bumped on the wall thousand times. I threw up three time, and it included everything i eat since lunch. So worry about the baby inside me, is he okay? I barely eat anything last night, every time i put something in my mouth (including water) i threw up again. But i force myself to do laundry instead tho my head banging all the time. I ended up sleeping after text my husband "awkay", because he told me to get some rest and stay away from the phone. But thankfully the headache slowly gone when i woke up for Subuh. But still, my head still heavy. I think there's something with blood circulation or blood pressure i dont know. Cant wait to go doctor this Saturday, and have a visit the baby as well.

Take care and be healthy.
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