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I rarely read any books since two years a go. I think it was mostly because laziness and going out too much. So nothing to read for the past years. The last book i read was ummm i even forget what it was hahhaha. Maybe i tried to read one or two books but i never finish it. The reason was similar from laziness, going out too much and i had more interesting movies to watch. So good bye books, you'll be missed.
But recently after i read my friend's tweet about newest book from Lockwood and Co series, this bookworm inside started to growl. I became curious about the books. I already read two books from the early series Lockwood and Co but then i just stop following the series. Thank goodness they invented Ebook or Epub which you can always search through internet world. So i started to search the third book from Lockwood and Co. And then i was overwhelming by it. lets' talk about it one by one.

Lockwood and Co Book #3 : The Hollow Boy
It is the third book from the series. The first one is The Screaming Staircase, the second book is The Whispering Skull. It tells about Lockwood, George and Lucy who supernatural agents in London. Yep, the stories mostly about capturing ghost or something haunting inside old building or places and it takes place in London mostly. But in this book it wasnt just three of them, there is new additional team in Lockwood and Co, a girl named Holly, which makes Lucy a little bit jealous with her. I like the relationship between Lucy and the Skull. The Skull kinda reminds me with Bartimaeus (another books from the same Author), the sarcasm very similar with Barty. Which very annoying yet funny. The ending kinda shocking at first but then i understand completely why it was happen in the first place.

Lockwood and Co Book #4 : The Creeping Shadow
The 4th books. In my opinion is the best from the series. Somehow Stroud (the Author) wants to defined more clearly about the relationship from every character in the books. Like you would say "aww.." when Lucy talks heart to heart with Lockwood (i'm kinda wish they'll kiss hahaha), or Lucy with George even Lockwood with Kipps. Not to mention the shocking ending. But then we need to wait several months for the new book published. I finished it only in a day!

The Land of Stories : The Wishing Spell
From the Author who play Kurt in Glee TV Series. I heard he write children fantasy books and at first i become skeptics about it. Like seriously, you want to write a book and about fantasy, please. But i was wrong! He did it quite nicely. Event being praised by some medias. There are 5 books from The Land of Stories series, i"m still on the first book. Tells about twins who have adventure inside the fantasy land. Chris included the famous fantasy character like Snow White, the Evil Queen and The Red Riding Hood which i always fancy.

Harry Potter and The Curse Child
Who still have not reading this phenomenal book? It was like every social media(s) i have talk about this book. It was fun to have something come again from Harry Potter series. The books become everyone's childhood must to read, and the movies? i think everyone already watched them too. Actually The Play that i really want to see, but how come, it's just so far away (London far away), so Rowling made the book instead for poor souls who cant attend the Play which very very discreet that you cant have any clue about it. It was fun imagining the trio amigos already become adult and have family and jobs. Rumors said that it'll be produced into movie, but i dont think the old actors would play this, they are still too young, it'll be weird.

Last but not least

Anti Panik Mengasuh Bayi 0-3 Tahun
Cant help not to add this one. As a future new parent off course i'll be panicked when the baby already there. I have zero knowledge about how to raise a kid or a newborn baby. I knew this book from my friend's Instagram, that this book is very helpful for new Parents. It has colorful pages and very informative language. It is a must have item to purchased for new parents, seriously. Because it tells from professional perspective not only from myth (which i hate to listen).
Hopefully this bookworm of mine still continue to raise not just because of boredom at the office.


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