Cups Coffee Shop

11:42 AM

Dont we love Bandung's weather lately? Cool air from the drizzle of the rain, love it very much. Despite the dark cloud hanging all day, but it was okay for going out. So now i'm totally craving anything with ginger haha.

He wanted to drink coffee because of the 'tunduh' or drowsiness. Actually he was sleeping till noon but still sleepy, typical. So i googled the best coffee shop in town, and Cups is on the list. Cups not too far from city center so it was perfect while i waited my travel schedule. It's near with Gedung Sate and located around Trunojoyo. You will easily find this place, just around the corner near Sagoo.

They said that Cups is photogenic or Instagram-able, and they were right! I feel like drinking coffee inside farm. The hanging planters are everywhere. They also displayed the scoop for plant and carts. Cups is two stories building, but unfortunately i didnt go up there. I think it's for the smoking area. If you want to get aesthetic pictures for your food, dont forget to add Kinfolk Magazine, they have it fyi. Plus point for this coffee shop is the have great playlist i love it!

I'm not really enjoy their coffee, i ordered ice Americano and it had strange taste in my taste bud. As far as i know and because i'm not expert in coffee area, Americano should look darker, but mine has color of ice tea. Well, please correct me if i'm wrong. He ordered latte and pancake, it was okay.

This place is nice for hang out with your friends or for a date. Let's try another coffee shop in town.

Cups Coffee Shop
Trunojoyo No.25, Bandung
 Phone : +62 22 42690182
Open Hours : 7 AM - 11 PM


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  1. salah satu tempat ngantor favoritku nih.. mozzarella sticknya enak sza.
    cobain ke morning glory deket taman foto sza asik juga suasananyaa

    1. waah makasih rekomen nya mba miir, bandung kebanyakan tempat nongkrong kayak g bakal abis didatengin satu2 haha