Bangi Kopitiam

9:00 AM

Hear ye hear ye! There's new kopitiam near my place. Like finally my neighborhood has another place worth for visit. I heard this place from my workmate. It's only five minutes away from both my place and my office.

They have really nice interior which make you want to stay for hours. Look at the small pool inside, it makes you wanna jump to it. The mural which all over the place worth for instagram.

The menu is standard for kopitiam or coffee shop in town. The ice coffee is good, Tareek tea also good, accompany with choco toast bread or chicken bun. Perfect for spending time with your friends or love one.

Bangi Kopitiam Pasar Minggu
Raya 18 No., Jl. Kemuning Dalam I Blok km No.12, Ps. Minggu, Jakarta Selatan
Open Hours : 10 AM - 10 PM


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