Short Meet Up

8:48 AM

Pink send me Facebook message couple week a go, that she'll be in Indonesia for three days because Oman Air now has flight route from Manila to Indonesia. Yes, she is one of the stewardess, cool isnt it?

Pink or her full name is Sassiprapa was my roommate when we joined Asia-Pacific Youth Camp about Environment back in 2008. She was living in my house for couple days. She's from Thailand, and she's really smart. That youth camp wasnt her first, she already joined dozen of conference all around the world. She's really really humble and nice. We havent met since then, but yesterday we finally met!

We met at Popolamama and had dessert in Hong Tang. We talked about everything. It's like meeting your old friend and sis. I'm so glad we could meet in person again.

Good luck with your work, life and everything Pink! Thanks for the treats and next time it's my turn ok! Thanks for the lip smacker also. Let's meet again someday. Xoxo


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