Happy Birthday Mocin!

10:35 AM

Mocin, saengil chukka hamnidaaa! My friend Mocin, or his real name is Ivan is having birthday today. We thrilled when he said he's in love. The first didnt worked out, but the latest "in love" is turned out well. Hopefully everything going to be all right and please dont be such a "mean guy" who easily "distracted" with the past (you know what i mean).
Mocin is simple, too simple perhaps. He sometimes hate, no, doesnt feel very happy when i ask him to go to some strange place like kite museum, or suddenly going to market. He would say, "Now what Szaa". I did that so you could loose some muscle! Be spontaneous! hahaha
Our friends always call us "duo korean" because we really like mimicking Korean language together haha

Happy birthday again Cyiin, hopefully this year will bring you more luck, love and happiness!


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