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I freakishly want to go to Bhutan after read The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner. And then i search about this country, and voila! i decided crossing Paris (which i adore most) from my first list and will going to Bhutan instead.
Bhutan is still pure and untouched country in the world, the television being introduced there after 1999! They still believe the balance with the nature. In Eric's book, he told that when he was in Bhutan there are sign inside the forest something said like this:

When the last forest being torn
when the last river being emptied
and when the last fish being catched
that's when human realize they can not eating money

how lovely!

Here are some pictures i have about Bhutan (source : pinterest)

source here

source here
source here
source here
source here
source here
source here

source here
here are some websites you can see as guidance.
- Tourism Council of Bhutan
- Bhutan Travel
- Lonely Planet about Bhutan
- Bhutan's itinerary 
- Visit Bhutan

Wish i could go there by the end of the year or next year!


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  1. The Princess of Bhutan, Princess Jetsun Pema, is most gorgeous <3

    1. Yes she is. She's real pretty and graceful :)