Geography of Bliss

9:17 PM

I just bought books today. Because of boredom (mostly because there's nothing i could watch in my notebook) and i gave up read Unfinished Tales from Tolkien. Seriously, i prefer somebody told me whats the story was :p . You know, Tolkiens's language is kinda ummm.. hard to understand. I keep read it in Elf voice and picturing them as Legolas, which is very pleasing for the eyes but not for understanding the book. 

So i just went to bookstore and choose randomly two books. I bought Detective Conan, because i havent read it in years i think. I just wanna know how the story goes so far but well Shinichi still in a kid disguise.

Second, i bought Geography of Bliss : One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places in the World. Mostly the books tell about Eric (the writer) who travels all around the world just want to know about happiness. He questioning about happiness itself. He think that what define a happy people or happy country. When he was in Netherlands, he met a guy who has some "code" and experiment about measuring how happiness are.

Eric found out that happiness cant just defined by some random samples or numbers. It depends with people instead. Example, in Switzerland, their people happy because they have a very clean toilet. It said that Switzerland is the most democratic country in the world. But in Iceland, which a very freezing country and just far from everywhere, is included as some of happiest country in the world.
This book teaches about happiness, traveling and understanding the different cultures in each country. Eric told us with some not-serious-boring-literature words. He puts so many jokes here and there but also makes us thinking, "am i happy enough to get called as a happy person?" 

Happy reading nerds,


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