Bandung part sekian

9:10 AM

I had a nice trip with my college friends last weekend. We went to Bandung!. Except of the horrid traffic, Bandung always still lovely to visit again and again.

Roti Gempol
This bread store is my most favorite and MUST-HAVE-VISIT while in Bandung. They have super yummy toast bread (and i love the wheat bread most). and dont forget to try the doughnut, it feels like eating clouds(?) because the texture is soooooo chewy. For beverage, i choose teh tarik and a glass hot tea.
just in case you're lost, here's i have maps to guide to there. Well, sometimes you should have at least one person which is good at reading map or direction. Because i suck at it.

 maps taken from here

There's a lot guest house in Bandung, just in case you want homey atmosphere rather than hotel. We were sleeping in Orange Guest House in Pasteur. The place was quite nice, clean and not too crowded. They have free wifi, free futsal court, and free breakfast. you can contact them here

and finally i had time to meet this adorable girl who always appear in my Path timeline. KALUNA . OMG SHE IS SHOOOO CUTE!!!
ps. karena kemaren cuma sebentar, nantik ketemu tante lagi yaa Kaluna :*

Warung Sitinggil
The number one favorite place while we were in Bandung.For next time, i'll bring books and blanket, i'll just stay there from noon until dark, because the place just simply amazing.
Another picts from our gateway

please enjoy our singing section all the way Bandung because the traffic

because Bandung traffic from Szasa Diandra on Vimeo.


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