12:47 PM

Oh hello there, where was i? hmm been busy with some "Very Important Occasion" and some other stuffs and work and laziness. So, last night i had this major breakdown because the backdrop i made since last week starting to fall off piece by piece, and at night when i asleep, it fell on me but i just really sleepy so i just get back to sleep again. But in the morning i realized my room looks disastrous. I started to blame the tape, the ugly color, my wall (because it couldn't hold my backdrop perfectly), and go on and on and on. But thankfully while i pinterest-ing (yes, it's a new verb now, just admit it) i saw these cute backdrop which very easy (why i didnt think about it at first) and very quick to make. 
ps : Thank you Oh Joy! I love you so so much you just save me from mental breakdown. Here's my favorite,

Big Heart Fringe Backdrop

Streamer Garland

Tissue Paper

Streamer Backdrop

Let's pick one and start re-doing it again. and side note, do ask for help. Because those backdrop won't finish easily.


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