Alania Chocolava

10:08 AM

Two weeks a go i went to Bogor with some office friends and we went to Kedai Kita for their famous signature pizza and hotplate noodle. It was soooo sooo soooo good. The cheesy pizza is so delicious, still dreaming about it until now. But unfortunately, i were too hungry and busy eating so no pictures. But i definitely will come back!

Chocolava is near Kedai Kita. They sell chocolava and cakes. I tried their classic chocolava. There are two kind of chocolava, the signature chocolava is sweeter than the classic one. So if you dont like too sweet, you know what you'll choose. They have outlets in Jakarta just in case you craving this chocolava.

It was fine i guess, but nothing special with the flavor. I still prefer chocolava from Alin's kitchen. She has more flavor and her signature are green tea and (my favorite) choco cheese.

If i could buy that pizza and noodle everyday (sigh).

Alania Chocolava
Taman Kencana Bogor, JL. Pangrango, No. 9 Bogor
Open Hours. 08:00 - 21:00 (Weekday) 
                     08:00 - 22:00 (Weekend)


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  1. saya sering makan di sana dan yang menjadi menu andalan saya jika saya berkunjung ke sana adalah minuman escoklat dan chocolavanya itu yang paling enak