Big Hero 6

10:30 AM

I rarely post anything about movies, in fact i always watch one movie before i go to bed. Yep i'm a lazy movie freak. But, this time i'll post about newest Disney movie, Big Hero 6.

I watched this movie alone, yess by my self before i went to Bandung for Ica's wedding. Sometimes i prefer go to cinema alone. Because i'll give more attention to the movie, and the most important is no one ask "who is that?", "how did he become like that?", or the most annoying i ever heard from couple in front of me, "what's this movie about?". Oh for God sake, have you read the synopsis first before decided watching the movie. And sometimes i get annoyed if my friend ask me about "who is this" or "why he/she become like that", i freaking have no idea, that's the reason i watch the movie, because i want to know its story. I could be a bitch if this about going to cinema. Cause i dont want to be late get in the theater, i need to see the movie trailers first (sorry to my friends who always i scold because of this :p)

Big Hero 6 is the newest Disney movie. I wouldnt be the spoiler girl who will tell the whole story, nope. Probably you already see the trailer and the synopsis about this movie. This is kid movie, yes, but Disney always brought the "drama" side so adult could sit and watched the movie too. Before the movie begin, there is short-animation called Feist. The story is charming and simple about dog and its meal.
Back to Big Hero 6, this movie located in the city called San Fransokyo. Yep, it's from two famous city which are San Fransisco and Tokyo. They take San Fransisco's landscape with its up and down hill but Katakana writing here and there. One thing amaze me, they make Japanese version of Golden Gate Bridge and it is sooo cool. I love San Fransisco, my number three in my list after Bhutan and Paris :)

For you who like something about robotic or coding, this is fun to watched. The jokes are quite funny, and i believe children dont understand those haha. I laugh hard by myself, even the parents dont laugh, so i keep my laughter into minimum. The fluffy hug-able vinyl, Baymax is everyone favorite! Who doesnt want to hug him. But my personal favorite is Tadashi haha you'll know why. Yes, because everyone in this movie look like child, but Tadashi looks mature <3

The movie duration is not too long, so the kids would feel comfortable sitting down untill it's finished. Despite the funny Baymax, the super heroes things like this is similar with others super heroes. But Baymax is worth to watch.


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