Bandung For A Day

8:22 AM

I went to Bandung last week because one of my friend from work got married. Congrats Mba Mita!
I went alone, at dawn i took the first train to Bandung, and i took the last train from Bandung to go back to Jakarta. It was exhausted trip but well, i got Bandung's fresh air after hard rain in the afternoon. It was great, skip the noise and terrible weather from Jakarta for awhile.

And i also met my best dude friend, Dimas, he lives in Bandung because he took master degree in ITB. People always have a bestfriend that you dont meet everyday or talk everytime but when when you do, you just cant stop talking. And he is that kinda bestfriend. And btw, Oh La La Cafe in BIP has the best burger i've ever tasted. And their Chocolate drink is sooo good too! you should try.

I'll see you soon Bandung.

Ooh La La Cafe BIP
Bandung Indah Plaza GF (Jl. Merdeka No. 56), Bandung
Open Hours: 11:00–22:00



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