Blogger love

8:49 AM

Hi there, it's been a tough weeks for me. So many to do yet so little time. I sometimes forgot what day it is and ended up shock because time does fly sooooo freakin fast!
I'll share two blogs which has pretty pictures (off course!) and super lovely family. Here are Jill Munro from and Naomi&Josh from Love Taza . Here we come the blogger.

Jill Munro.
I already following her on instagram since a year a go and still no idea who she is (my bad). i'm following her because she is a great photographer, i love her works with camera. Then i went to her blog, suddenly i'm in love with this mom with two lovely kids! She already went to many exotic places, that's why her photo looks waaaaay nicer. And she has two kids, a boy and a girl who are lovely. Here are some of her pics.

Naomi and Josh
This adorable couple has adorable daughter and son named Eleanor and Samson. I'm in love with this family instantly! Just go through their blog and instagram here and here. You will see they love their family so much!

Seeing these really make me want to have kids soon!


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