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Hello January, I hope everything went well so far :) I'd like to write about two of website which i love to visit


I love Dianna Agron, she plays as Quinn Fabray in TV series GLEE. I love her talent, her voice and her mind. She also a good photographer too. First time saw her in GLEE season 1, i was totally like her.LOL
Even sometime she becomes the bad girl, but she just a sweetheart. Quinn loves to wear a pretty dress with boot.

She has tumblr named felldowntherabbithole ,lots of story she could tell to us. And now, she make a new website You Me and Charlie which contain everything from musics, movies, inspirations, arts, photography and any more. You have to visit her website, and you can also contribute there.

Look, They are so fun and interesting :)

Saving the Black Rhinos

Flying Rhinos from Green Renaissance on Vimeo.

Be Yourself

Rick Mereki
this short movie is awesome

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.


You should really visit this website. Really:)


Elsi Larson, she just amazing girl who can do anything! i mean she can take a shoot of great pictures, make a yummy food, stylish, make lot of DIY things, pretty, great wife (she has a cool husband too), she just a sweetest :)

She has the A Team to make her blog. I just can stop see the next page in this blog. Just beautiful :)

Make Your Holga Become Cuter

How to Make a Pretty Hair Bow

Make Your Own Canvas Potrait

Her Wedding
Just like my dream wedding too :D

Hot Chocolate Spoon

You gotta love those two website :D

PS : My bf will come this end of month (yippiiee)


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