Bow and everything nice

9:25 PM

Well hello everyone, i hope you're doing okay with your stuff  :)
I really want to congratulate my friends who will have THE FINAL PROJECT this month. I wish you guys tons of lucks!! Especially for Salya, Diandra, Rio, Yoyon, Banon, Fariz, Mocin who always look busy all the time.

You know i really cannot resist SHOES and RINGS. Yep, those two adorable things are always cute, beautiful, unique, colorful, just soo tempting. I bought a pair of shoe in m friend's shop, Veme Shoes. The shoe is handmade and you ca also make your own design.

This is the actual design,
And this my shoes :D

And i also bought this cute bow ring while looking for gift for my friend's girlfriend. Cute right?

And the bad news is, my left foot is swelling, it become such a giant foot size :( I cannot move here and there freely, i hope it'll get better very soon ..


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