Pino Pizza

9:00 AM

Got stuck in crazy traffic jam from Jakarta to Bandung yesterday. So basically had 5 hours straight inside Xtrans with less water. Bandung's traffic just got really crazy yesterday. Lesson learned, buy a bottle of water just in case.

We had dinner in new (for us) place around buah batu, called Pino Pizza. It's near pizza hut Buah Batu. The place isnt so big but very cozy if you want to stay for a while for chat. We order their most ordered menu and chef recommended. Beef Pizza, honey tea (for her) and green monster (for him). I love their green monster (which Ibnu didnt really like), i think it's like green smoothies, taste really nice. The pizza isnt bad at all. Although the size is not really big so it would really good for night snacking (did i say pizza for snack?) because the dough isnt to thick so yes, it's good for light meal. But yeah, with that price, it was worth it.

Still want to try the cheesy pizza, looks very yumm.

Pino Pizza
JL Buah Batu, No. 140, Bandung
Phone : +62 22 7323370
Open hours : 12:00 – 9:00 pm


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