Loko Cafe

6:51 PM

I just knew that inside Gubeng train station there's a petite pretty cafe, Loko Cafe. It's near Mushola inside Gubeng Baru. Just enter Gubeng baru's entrance, and turn left. Love the pattern tiles and the very friendly price for foods and beverages. They give you a real train station atmosphere. You could heard the really reaally clear announcement, not every station have this kinda things, which is very cool.

We ordered so many, because there's a pregnant lady (we swear she's still hungry after eating so many).

While you're waiting your train and somehow get bored, you should try this place.

Loko Cafe
Stasiun Kereta Api Gubeng, Pacar Keling, Surabaya City 60131
Open Hours : 6 AM - 10PM


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