He Tells Me

4:14 PM

Mika, one of my favorite male singer. I loove him since his first album. His songs always fun, playful, and colorful. You can see that from its cover Album.
Life in Cartoon Motion (1st Album)

The Boy Who Knew Too Much ( 2nd Album)
 Very colorful right? makes you want to go circus or just see cartoon instead :) 

I saw this video from Dianna Agron's web. From Mika with Elle Me Dit. The single was released on the French iTunes Store on 11 July 2011. The music video was released on 16 August 2011. The video shows a family dancing and singing along to the song individually, while in some parts the family members are arguing and behaving mischievously. French actress Fanny Ardant makes an appearance in the video. (source : wikipedia)

This video really makes my day more colorful :D
Have a really nice Monday to you all

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