YUPIE Reunite

7:07 PM

image from here

Holidaay :D
So i decided to had a small reunite with my junior-high school's friends. Actually this is my "genk" hahaha. You know when you had a group of friends you will call them your Genk :p
There were 5 of us,and we called ourselves YUPIE. I forgot how we end up with that name hahaha..
We never met for almost 5 years maybe, yes it's such a loong time. So we decided to meet up yesterday.But unfortunately, Diah and Rima couldn't come because Rima is in Bali and Diah still had meeting with her lecturer. So there were only 3 of us, me, Ayu and Lidya..

 We went to Iconic PhotoStudio.

Love this cute CD Case

I hope we could hang out again girls, me miss you so bad :D

And i want to congratulate my college friends who pass the Tugas Akhir, proud of you :*


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