Saturday in Rain

7:55 PM

Well, the title of this post tells everything. Yup, rain was falling so hard.

Beside rain, I went out with my girls (yay!). We lunch,shop and had photoshoot together. We decided to wear the same outfit which is "LEOPARD". I wear my leopard scarf because i don't have any outfit with leopard pattern except my scarf (what a shame).
I and Helsi went to Matahari Dept.Store first because Ita and Salya still on the way. I didn't buy anything, because still plenty of things i should buy :). Helsi bought a cute cardigan and a dark blue long skirt.

                                                Helsi bought those cardi and skirt. they're cute.

And after Salya and Ita arrived we decided to have lunch at Solaria an then we went to Onyx to had some photoshoot LOL

the leopard girls

look, how serious my face :p

We had so much fun after all, even the rain screwed it a little bit :p we should do this things more often guys.

Tomorrow is Sunday, prepare everything for your school, college or work :) And do not sleep too late tonight. .


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