10:52 PM

Hello World,

Ah.. Blogging again.
Well first of all i'd like to introduce myself. My name is Ditsza but you can call me Szasa. I'm a college girl (who lost her mind), because i took Informatics Engineering  which is sooooo annoyingly hard for me :(

Actually this isn't my first time writing in blog like this. I had two blogs but i just deleted them because you know i wrote that when i wasn't mature enough, the contents were not so good to read. And voila, i decided to making a new one :)

I choose clouds for my blog's theme because i really have a big fat crush with clouds. They're amazing!
I love them since i was a little girl, until now i still in love with it. I love taking their pictures, you just can't get bored because they always have so many story to tell.
Each of them always make different shapes, different colors, and different meanings.
Just look at the sky, and guess what their looked like, that'll be the most amazing game in my entire life :)

Enough for the introduction, i'm so sorry for my bad grammar :p

Good night People,

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